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Cambridge A Level Mathematics Achievements 2011 / 2012

The A Level Team, Centurion in 2011 / 2012

Cambridge A Level Mathematics Achievements

Ji-Eun (Lucy) Lim, top insert, who was a student at The A Level Team in Centurion last year, has won an award for being the best A Level Mathematics student in the world in 2011 by obtaining 100% for her A Level Mathematics examinations. Pictured with their A Level Mathematics teacher, Dr Glenda Nixon, are some of this year’s Crawford College candidates of The A Level Team: Andre Ivan who obtained 91% for AS and A Mathematics, Su-Mari Roux who obtained 94% for AS Mathematics and Tinus Ferreira who obtained 93% for AS and A Mathematics.

image5Two other students of The A Level Team who excelled in their Cambridge Mathematics examinations in May/June, 2012 are sister and brother Behnezear and Ozayr  Mohammed.  She obtained an “A” symbol for IGCSE Extended Mathematics and he obtained an “A” symbol for AS Mathematics.

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